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Roots of a Rebellion

Roots of a Rebellion, commonly referred to as ROAR, hail from Nashville, TN and bolster heavy Reggae-Rock-Dub music for the soul. ROAR is known for their dynamic live shows centered around their progressive sound and energy. 


Roots of a Rebellion’s music offers elements of Reggae, Rock, Dub and Soul while putting an emphasis on tight horn sections, catchy melodies, and conscious lyrics. This authentic and powerful combination creates a sound that is both physically and mentally captivating. Hailing from various corners of the United States, each member brings unique musical experiences and passions to the band’s sound.

While continuing to grow as a band, Roots of a Rebellion desires to put just as much emphasis on community and global unity as they do on music. They see their music as a tool for change and can be found off the stage playing their part to better our world. R.O.A.R. will continue marching on seeking truth and love through music.

Come hear Roots of a Rebellion #RockTheBarnAVL on Saturday

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