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Gates open at 1pm
Music at 6pm
Gates open at 10 am.  Music from 12pm-11pm
Youth Music Day
Music from 10 am-4pm

It takes more than just spontaneity to have a memorable experience at Asheville Barnaroo. So we compiled our Top 10 Tips to maximize your festival experience.


1.    Buy Your Tickets Early! Arrive Early! Every year, the festival sells out. Don't be the only person without a ticket this year. Arriving early also means you can explore the event site and plan your camping/mingling/concert strategy. 


2. Try Something New! Yes, we know you have your favorite band in town. AVLBarnaroo is a great opportunity to try out new music that you are not familiar with yet.


3. Talk to the bands! They don’t bite - hard.


4.  Drink Water! This is music festival 101. Asheville can be hot; make sure to stay hydrated throughout the day. Just because water is in beer, that does not make it the only thing you should consume.


5. Eat Something! The only thing as big as the music scene in Asheville is the food scene. Farm to Fender is an award winning asset to the festival dishing up nosh worthy yummies.


6. Travel Smartly! Take an Uber or taxi to the event, or enlist a friend to be your designated driver. Think about all the perks: no parking hassle; no irresponsible driving; drivers come to you; and it’s a lot cheaper than a DUI.


7. Dress for Success! Barnaroo is a weekend long outside event. Wear comfortable shoes and an outfit that will be keep you cool and warm (fall is unpredictable) throughout the day. Sunscreen is your friend. 


8. Leave Your Pup At Home! We know it’s Asheville and that you love your dog... for this event, please leave your dog at home.


9. Moderation! Moderation! Moderation! We all love beer, but that does not mean you should drink all of it. Encourage your friends and yourself to consume responsibly.


10. Have Fun! Be Safe! Barnaroo is a great opportunity to come together and enjoy music for a great cause: Asheville Music School. Please take precautions to have a good and responsible time.


Camping on the Farm

Camping is one of the best parts of BARNAROO! We enjoy awesome music from morning to night and cap it off by sleeping under the stars at an organic farm. At night, the giant fire pits at franny's allow so many people to gather and meet and enjoy. If you forgot something, chances are the farm store has all of your camping needs. Sunday morning is a great time to ease outta your tent, camper, or eco cabin and stroll down to coffee and breakfast with Farm to Fender food truck. Enjoy morning music and and a laid back rooster crows of the Godfather. Visit the lineup page for Sunday's bands, or learn more about camping and early camping here. 

*Please leave coolers at campsite 

* Camping spots are first come first serve 

*RV's/Tow behind camping trailers are approved case by case.  Please email to ensure we have room for you.

* No private fires.  We have two large fire pits at the festival for people to enjoy.  

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